Best Cuban Restaurant – 1st Place Winner

Over four decades ago The Hernandez Family opened their first Cuban Café in Tampa Bay. Focused on staying true to the tradition and authentic flavors of Cuban cuisine, they committed to use only quality ingredients and proven family recipes to build their menu. That dedication continues as the

Hernandez family delivers authentic Cuban taste to satisfied patrons throughout the Tampa Bay region. Cuban cuisine is the result of mixing Spanish, African and Caribbean flavors. Whether you choose the award- winning roast pork, the mouthwatering black beans and Spanish rice or a rich Cuban espresso, you are guaranteed to experience the vibrant, diverse flavors and aromas of authentic Cuban Cuisine.

Pipo’s owner/chef Ramon Hernandez has twice won the Top Local Chef competition. Pipo’s was named Best Cuban Restaurant in Tampa Bay Magazine, Best Cuban Sandwich in Pinellas County and a three-time winner of the Ybor Cuban Sandwich Competition. Pipo’s Cuban Café wants to thank you for nominating them as the Best Cuban Restaurant in Readers’ Choice for the past 9 years.